Guidelines for Getting Better Results from Link Auditing

Link Audit

Link auditing is a process which should be done at least once a year. This service is used to analyze the complete link or to identify the variety of risks. It is very important for long term strategy to be clean and strong link profile and it is pivotal to do link audit by visiting each and every site, it does not matter how many links are there. No one can visit all the links in a day or so, so it is easy to do link audit each day to complete the audit until or unless the audit is finished.  First thing to do in link auditing is to identify the penalty of link and Secondly what factor should be used to constitute the penalty link.The people should try to control the amount of bad inbound links at their site like hacking, gambling etc. because many of these bad links try to hide themselves and will not be able to find them without doing full link auditing on your site. It can be removed with the help of automatic and manual services.

Automatic service is often prone to errors and it is only required for data collection. It also gives misinformation. It is not helpful for auditing links. Manual service helps in identification of unnatural link and also helps in removing. This service is carried by some auditors who are experienced in link auditing field rather than automated services. All website do not require link auditing services, the accurate way to look thoroughly about our link is to review manually.

Link auditing has many benefits i.e. by doing it you can vanish all the inbound links .For instance if you have many links come from one source (i.e. spam) which brings your site in a dangerous position. It also helps in back links of the website by downloading the list from Google and make death analysis to know which link is harmful for the site.

When the problem with link related penalties arises the team of audit has the knowledge, skill and ability to give suggestion which will have the highest positive impact on site. Link should be reviewed in depth and in detail to make the recovery and for removing unnatural link. The auditor can assure that the link audit will provide depth analyzes of website linked with current profile which will discover the problems with existing websites. It identifies and communicates low quality links and gives assurance that low quality links will not be persuade. It also recommended for link to clean up so that no further problem arises.

If the audit is done after the e-mail from Google regarding unnatural link, than it becomes easy to identify or pin point link our self. Google didn’t tell us about the link which is causing unnatural link, so it is our job to find and remove it. If we do a guess work without experience than it becomes costly for us and if we remove wrong link than it will do nothing to improve rank and will create more problems in spite of removing.

If there is a penalty from the search engine than it becomes easy to take decision to have an audit. Sometimes many pages get linked with one another and webmaster may be unaware of it. It can be done with the help of Google which provides webmasters with a link sample in a webmaster tool. For the recovery of audit link, the most technical and important step is clearing the site with Google.


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