Why Google Is Confused On Its Own Birthday?

Google Company is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. We are celebrating Google 18th b’day with Doodle, but not even Google know when it is formed. Since 2006 Google Birthday is celebrated on Sep 27, but year before it had celebrated on September 26. Page and Brin had a new idea to begin search engine which rank pages by search term appeared on the page. There are some facts you need to know about world’s largest company:


Google storage made of Lego: Google is world largest storage company; here is warehouse which is full of people photos, emails, work and everything.

Google’s logo finally moved into center in 2001:  Earlier years the logo of Google was aligned to the left, end of the 2001 finally Google moved to middle.

Google habit of buying companies: Google buys more than a company in a week and this will increased in small scale or it can be in huge range.

The founder of Google Page and Brin are on the 12th and 13th rank according to Forbes list and they are richest people in the world net worths of $35.2bn and $34.4bn respectively.

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