Why Should We Focus On Manual Link Building Instead Automatic?

Link building is an activity by which the sites are linked to various web directories. At present people are using internet technology for a large number of applications and internet marketing is becoming more and more popular nowadays. While on the one ground links are established with various web directories through different methods, through social networking sites namely facebook and twitter, effective contacts are made with friends and others in order to get more links so that the marketing efforts are improved to a greater extent.


 What is link building?

Link building is an activity by which the sites are linked through various web directories using the search engine optimization technology. This can be done either using automatic link building strategy or manual link building technology.

 What is manual link building?

This is done for the purpose of gaining incoming links by visiting the search engines.  In fact this is a lengthy process and a lot of patience is required for establishing several links. Without reasonably good links, establishing effective marketing is found to be quite difficult. In fact the owners of many websites seek the assistance and guidance by hiring the services of service providers who are skilled in the job.

 Many small website owners are willing to do the job on their own since link building plays a great role towards bringing success to the website in great detail.

 How about automatic link building?

When it comes to bigger businesses link building is found to be rare on account of the facts that they consider the exercise as time consuming involving more labor force. However, when it comes to small organizations, this is found to be the less expensive strategy so that the site ranks well in the search engines. In the case of local websites, this is found to be performing well. In the case of automatic link building, even though the process can handle more number of requests and applications, on account of erroneous filling up of the applications, the applications are rejected and again manual intervention is required.

 Social networking sites:

Social networking sites provide ample opportunities in building better relationship with many individuals, since majority are engaged in social networking sites. Exclusive groups meant for professionals namely; editors, actors, beauticians and many more have wide membership and by posting attractive articles, valuable messages and video clippings, they can be attracted to visit the site in large number by providing the links.

 How to make use of reviews?

More readerships can be established through review of blogs and articles. Attractive articles and blogs can be posted in the site thereby linking such articles and blogs to several other sites and web directories. This helps in inviting readers in large number to visit the sites. Writers can be empanelled for the site and through them blogs and articles in other sites can be reviewed and such reviews can be posted in the site for the information of various readers. Increase in revenue depends upon the number of visitors to the site and the strategies as mentioned above play greater role in building up effective visitor strength.

 When it comes to small and medium sized business organizations, manual link building is found to be cost effective, less time consuming, error free apart from getting better links with reputed directories and this is not possible in the case of automatic link building.

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