Google Is Evolving With The Technology

Change is the law of nature and the one who adapts it frequently rises high. This phrase was proved recently by the brand Google when they changed their logo so that it get easily suitable for  mobile based applications.

Google technology has introduced a new logo few hours ago, with the restructuring of company, Google has reassembled its logo too, this time also, the new logo is a word mark which appeals soothing and pleasant, the color combination is awesome. It gives resemblance of Google’s new parent company’s logo. Google has changed its lowercase “g” to uppercase “G”.

Google says that this new logo will be introduced to all of its products very soon, however it is already there on Google home page with such beautiful animation that wipes off the old logo and create the new one.

Why did Google change its logo?

Google says how much technology has evolved, It doesn’t really settle on a specific reason that a redesign was needed, but it says that this logo should better resembles the reality that Google is no longer a site, it’s a huge collection of sites, apps, and services that you visit on computer, Chromebooks, smartphones, and anywhere you can find a web browser. Google says that its new logo is meant to reflect this reality and you when the Google magic is working, even on the smallest screens.

This new logo will preserve the very first and original logo with its color combination –blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red but will replace the old style.

This small word mark logo will be more distinct and easier to apprehend and make it possible to display on small screen, Google believes that this small difference is going to do the wonders.

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