Will Web Hosting Get Even Cheaper In The Future?

At the present time, web hosting is pretty cheap. That is, if you compare what you would receive in a general cheap web hosting plan today to what you would have paid for that same plan 2 or 3 years ago. These days, it is possible to acquire web hostings for u4nder $10, which includes basically everything that you would expect and need to host a sophisticated website.

If you’ve been monitoring the web hosting industry over time, you will have noticed that a common pricing theme has been in place for a number of years. That is – month by month, without fail, the cost of web hosting has continued to fall. Even as inflation renders our money more and more worthless each year, prices in this industry have fallen up to 90% in some places in a matter of years – which is clearly a function of economies of scale, and a changing market equilibrium.

So will prices continue to go down? Our bet is that they will – albeit at a slower rate than previous noted, as technology costs continue to diminish, and hardware – such as storage – gets cheaper and cheaper.

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