Google Caffeine : New Ranking Algorithm

I was checking out Google’s new search engine, Caffeine, and trying to work out why the results differed from classic Google.Caffeine is next big thing Google is going to roll out in the future. As they said, they changes would be “under the hood” so will have get into details more.

I think the next big challenge would be the “real time” results as compared to generic forms.Google has just release a new project named Caffeine. It will provide a new architecture for its search engine, improve robot crawling and results relevancy. This evolution means that website’s rankings will change. Your positions on search results may increase or decrease in few weeks, according to your search engine optimization.

To avoid fear, Google allow us to check our future rankings on this page: and you can send feedback about results differences via the link “Dissatisfied? Help us improve” at the end of the result page.

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