What is Social Media Optimization?

Every time I log into Facebook I find myself drawn to the ads the boarder my homepage. After all these ads are things that I am interested in, such as an advertisement reading “students fly home for $66 or “cheap I-pods.I have realized that Facebook is a very good tool for networking and online marketing.The ads that I end up looking at are not the sort of thing I would look for on a search engine. This kind of online publicity is called social media optimization. It is a good strategy to use social media optimization because it is more personal, seeing images of interacting through Blogs makes you feel like you know the business better. For help you should look up some internet marketing firms. You-Tube, Blogs, RSS Feeds, and Myspace, are all ways in which social media optimizations is used. Website video marketing through You-Tube is a good alternative to more traditional and outdated online marketing strategies.