Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

So you have your company website up and running and have started to see the first trickle of users visiting your site. Your concern now should be increasing that trickle into a stream of constant visitors. While search engine optimization will play a large role in this process, it is important to remember to make full use of social media marketing as well.

Social media not only offers you a more direct line of communication to your customers, but it can also be used to build your brand and direct more people towards your website. By following these tips, you should be able to increase your social presence, reaping the benefits in the process.

Select The Best Times To Share

A good social media marketing company, like submitshop, understands that there are optimal times to share your posts on social media. The interesting thing is that these times differ depending on the platform that you are using. As such, it is important to do the research and find out when people are most likely to be responsive to the things that you place on your pages. By getting the timing right you can ensure maximum levels of exposure, rather than having your posts get lost amongst the many others that people see during the course of the day.

Switch Up Content

If people visit your social media pages and just see a stream of fairly basic marketing messages, they are soon going to lose interest in what you have to say. As such, you need to mix your content up and provide posts that are interesting in addition to having the ability to capture the attention of users. Be sure to take advantage of pictures in your social media marketing, as people respond to visual images much more positively than straight text. Conduct polls and hold social media competitions to keep people engaged, particularly when you are trying to attract interest in a new service.

Be Consistent

One of the worst things a company can do is set up their social media channels and then leave them to be forgotten. If you are consistent in terms of constantly uploading content that is of interest to your followers, you will find that you receive a far greater response. Simply assuming that you have done enough because you have created a cover image and send the occasional update will often see you losing followers and undoing all of the work it took to attract them in the first place.


Just like with any other aspect of business, your social media marketing plan should be subject to constant scrutiny so that you can work on ways to improve on it. Keep track of the response that each of your posts receive to give yourself a better idea of what people want from you. If people respond more positively to humour than straight marketing talk, be sure to give them more of it while working out ways to incorporate your brand philosophy into the message. Always be ready to analyze your performance and adjust based on what you find. You can use social media analyer tools such as Instagram Analyzer to track your Instagaram accounts stats.

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