Manual Directory Submission Definition

Directory submission is the process of submitting the site URL to the web site directory. The process is not merely filling the form at the directory submission page but also involves more than this. Now the question comes what all is involved in manual directory submission process. So following are the steps involved in Manual Submission of websites.

Selection of Web Directory

The first step is to select website directories that accept submissions. There are three kind of directories Free, Reciprocal and Paid directories. You have to select a directory as per your requirement. The major requirement for the selection of a directory is that it should be search engine friendly so that vote can pass from directory to the website submitted. Quality of the Internet directory is also an important factor as submission to low quality or spam directory can have a negative affect on-site submitted. The best selection is niche-specific directories.

Search for Website URL

Searching for the URL of the website to be submitted in the directory to ensure that it has not been already submitted. Directory editors hate multiple submissions and will likely remove your site if it is already in their listings. The directory submission process starts if the website is not already listed in the directory

Selection of Proper Category

Browsing to an appropriate category e.g Computer and Internet > Internet > Web Promotion > SEO Services. This involves deep digging of the directory structure to find the appropriate category. Web site submission to the proper category has more chance of approvals. The best way is to see other site listed in category selected by you. If they are similar to your website it means you have reached at right category.

Creation of Valid Email Account

Creation of a separate email account for directory submission SEO service. This is done keeping in mind that the email address will likely be spammed though, so don’t use a personal email account. A valid Email is also required so that the directory editor can notify you of any issues with your submission.

Filling of Directory Submit Form

The next step is filling of the form after selecting the category. Checking of title, and description of other websites listed there to access what is editor’s view regarding title and description length. Filling the proper title and description as specified in the submission form. Another field usually required is Email, Name, Keywords, and URL of the website to be filled. Rechecking of the directory submission form to ensure that all fields have been correctly filled and click the submit button. Verifying of the success page message to ensue that form have been correctly submitted.

Adding in List of Directory Submission

Adding the name of the directory and particularly the category URL where you have submitted in a separate sheet to avoid duplicate submissions in the future.

Checking of Directory Listing Approval

Last but not least to check the approval of the website submitted. Checking back in a few weeks to see if the site has been added to the directory. This is necessary as in many cases directory editors do not inform about the acceptance of website submissions. If a listing is not approved then again you have to repeat the process by selecting different categories, titles and descriptions, etc.

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