Link Building Companies in India, Growth and Future

Link building can be defined as collection of links for your site from other web sites which helps you in getting direct traffic and improve search engine ranking of your web site.Link building business has grown in many folds in last two and three year as search engine changing its algorithm and giving more importance to inbound links for search engine ranking.In Indian there is tremendous growth in this business in last two year. Most of web solution provider has diversified there business into link building. Even SEO mainly into search engine optimization and position business now concentrate on link building job for major SEO in US and UK. There is tremendous increase in link building outsourcing business.

Why the link building business increasing in Indian. It has few strong reason firstly the qualified worker are available at low cost even with long working hours. The average cost per day or wage package per day for link builder staff is not more than 10 USD for 8 hours. Secondly increase in link building outsourcing from SEO in USA and UK because of low cost offered to customers. Thirdly Customer in USA still prefer to assign SEO job to established SEO in USA & UK and link building is one of process of SEO which established SEO get it done from India. Last but not the least link building prices at bottom low average for PR2 price is just 5 USD.

Lot of young generation studied in various streams i.e science, arts, management, civil, engineering and information technology are now joining link building jobs. Link building jobs are easy to learn and handle as compare to software development. The basis requirement is to have good communication skill and good English which average student in bachelor degree in India have. So there is lot of staff available for linking business at completive rate in India.

Link building business is either carried out by companies or freelancer in India. The companies registered under various laws provide secure and legal services as they have to take various approvals from Indian Government to carry on export business or receipt of money in foreign currency. Where as there is also another section freelancer operating from home without any legal approvals or permission to carry on link building business and offering low cost services which may some time result into loss of money. Registered link building firm as preferred in India.So registered link building outsourcing companies can provide better link hunters.

Future of link building in India is quite bright keeping in view the Indian Government incentive to software export industry, development of new IT Park, and increase in standard of education and off course big popularity of Google and other search engines. The discouraging factor for all It business is India is Indian rupee exchange rate against US dollar which is falling and rupee is getting more strong.

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