Features Of The Adobe Premiere Elements 12

Adobe has released the latest adobe premiere elements 12 as a successor to the adobe premiere elements 11. This new release has sparked debates in the movie industry as it has come with better machinations and better ability to make movies appear better and brighter. This new adobe premiere version features new elements such as a Guided Edits section and smart scores to help movie and film makers make better quality movies.

Video enthusiasts will definitely fall in love with this new technology as it comes with some very important basic video editing tools that will be of great help to them. This new technology will arguably be ushering the people into a new era of video editing as it is much improved than the previous elements. Some users have already posted positive Adobe Premiere Elements reviews. Moreover, it is steps ahead of other competitors.

The fact that this technology has been upgraded and improved cannot be doubted. The superior quality of films it will make is also not subject to discussion. However, one question stands out. Does it come at a handsome price?

This adobe premiere elements 12 software goes for $99.99. Well, this price is below $100. This means that this software is available to every film editor who is keen on quality. Moreover, should you want it to come with Adobe Photoshop; you only need to cough an extra $50. This will be quite a handsome offer bearing in mind that if you buy these two softwares separately, you will cough much more money.

It is very easy to install this software. Actually, it doesn’t need special instructions to install. If you have installed programs in the past, then you will most likely install this program without fuss.

First, you download the software from Adobe’s Electronic Software Delivery platform. This software occupies a 1.4 GB space and will take approximately 30 minutes to download when using normal computer speed on a typical PC. After downloading, the program takes 8 to 12 minutes to install. It has got step by step instructions to follow during installation so it shouldn’t give you headaches.

Once installed, you will require to key in the license code. A license code is given to you when you purchase this software. Otherwise, you can use a 30-day trial version. This program comes in two versions; 32-bit and 64-bit. You download one that is compatible with your computer system as the other wont function.

User interface
Just like in other video editing software, this program, when in Expert mode, has got a timeline that enables you to compile multiple audio and video layers.

It also provides you with a preview screen that is right above the timeline. This preview screen enables you to view the video you are working on. This program also lets you make a choice between three modes. The Guided mode shows enables you make a wide range of edits. The Quick mode enables you to make small changes while the Expert mode lets you have granular control over your audios and videos.

Guided Mode
Guided mode was developed by the Adobe Company and added onto the Expert and Quick mode in the Elements 12 mode. This mode is very beneficial to the user as it helps one perform tasks faster than before. It enables one to learn better editing skills from the program itself rather than looking for tutorials from the net. Guided mode comes ready with nine tutorials ranging from introductory “Getting Started with Premiere Elements” to more developed “Adding Scores to your video.”

By using Adobe Premiere Elements 12 program you are sure to make a quality video. This new technology comes with many benefits. To have a first class experience of these benefits, you can purchase your own program. You too can view Adobe Premiere Elements reviews posted by people that have used this program as they will give you a clue as to what to expect when you own yours.

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