Matt Cutts on Misconceptions in the SEO Industry?

Matt Cutts here made clarification two different questions

Which aspect of Google updates do you think the SEO industry simply won’t get where do you see many issues spending too much energy on when they could be taking care of other things.

Which aspect of Google updates to think the SEO industry simply won’t get so alliances i could get one is the difference between algorithm update versus just today to refresh when you’re changing your however alarm you know signals that you’re using in how you with the signals are fundamentally changing.

You can the answer of these question here in this video.

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2 thoughts on “Matt Cutts on Misconceptions in the SEO Industry?

  1. Another thing that most SEOs won’t understand is that Google actually decreased their revenues from the new updates. You realize that the new updates actually improve the quality of the internet experience. In the long run

  2. 1.Websites need the correct tags, H1,H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.
    2. Recognized Paid Links Make Less of An Impact, but still make an Impact.
    3. The Google Disavow Tool is going to be used religiously by SEOs
    4. Google is never going to bash themselves.
    5. Natural Links, through link bait ( Relevant Press Releases) and Social Media Updates are the way to go.
    6. Google Page Speed API is a must for all websites.
    7. Build a few relevant links on Craigslist?
    8. Ensure a website is responsive and is available on all platforms.
    9. Use HTML5 over other languages.
    10. Be fresh, relevant, and transparent!


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