Yahoo Plans To Unveil New Web Site On Wednesday

Yahoo has made a complete Web site overhaul which could be shown as early as Wednesday. The company hopes to revive its search and advertising business.After suffering from several setbacks, Yahoo Inc hopes to reverse its course by launching a new Web site for its search engine and advertising business. The company plans to bring new opportunities for advertisers to the market through its restructuring. CEO Carol Bartz could make the announcement on Wednesday.

“Get well-rested, because next week’s a biggie,” Bartz said in a memo to company employees on Friday.

Yahoo employees, who are not authorized to speak publicly about next week’s new unveiling, said rumors of a new company branding were voiced throughout the company on Friday. There are also blog discussions about the new restructuring but the news postings suggest that the new Web site could be released in tier phases. This could mean that the public could see new eye candy and features over time.

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