Verity Teams with Yahoo for Web Search

According to Matt Hicks of eWeek, enterprise search software provider, Verity, has partnered with Yahoo to display sponsored search ads with internal search results.But the add-on has a twist. While Verity and other enterprise search players typically earn revenue by selling software and services, Verity, in this case, will earn a share of the revenue Yahoo receives from Verity’s enterprise users clicking on the sponsored links that appear alongside Web results, Verity officials told
This opens up the path for two evolutions of search…
1. Enterprise search providers have a way to monetize their search results beyond license fees.
2. Yahoo has a testing ground to see how paid search ads are received in non-internet search results – paving the way for PPC ads on your desktop search results.
“Search technology continues to evolve, providing users with even more powerful research tools, and as content across the Web become richer, we anticipate that the demand for integrated business search solutions will continue to grow,” Tim Cadogan, vice president of Yahoo Search, said in a statement.

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