Google worm targets AOL, Yahoo

Days after Google acted to thwart the Santy worm, security firms warned that variants have begun… set for New Years Day 2005

Nokodo Search Engine Technologies officially opens the search engine on January 1, 2005.

Google Hacking book finished

“Google Hacking for Penetration Testers explores the explosive growth of a technique known as “Google Hacking.”

Google Nukes Santy Worm, But Threat Remains

A decision by Google Inc. to block certain search queries has helped thwart the spread of…

Google Most Popular Queries for 2004

Based on billions of searches conducted by Google users around the world, the 2004 Year-End Zeitgeist…

Jeeves’ near-death experience

Search engine company makes a dramatic comeback.

Dear Santa – An SEO Wishlist for Google

Hey Santa, could you do us a favour this year?

Google – A new weapon for criminals

An Ottawa computer programmer has managed what experts are calling a “significant” computing feat, cracking a…

Santy worm squished by Google

Google has responded to calls from antivirus firms to stop the spread of an Internet worm…

Verity Teams with Yahoo for Web Search

According to Matt Hicks of eWeek, enterprise search software provider, Verity, has partnered with Yahoo to…