Advanced Search Engine Strategies – SEO Symposium Visits Vancouver

Vancouver, BC:- The Ultra Advanced Symposium is a meeting of select masters of the SEO marketing industry who will be openly revealing and sharing their very best and hottest information in a new educational symposium taking place in Vancouver on November 15 and 16, 2004.Discover top insider techniques and methods for maximizing your Web site’s visibility and exposure. Some of the most advanced white hat, search engine strategies will be clearly explained and demonstrated along with breakout information sharing sessions between individual participants.

Scheduled Topics for the Symposium include:
– Understand what it takes to get firmly ranked within Google’s top results
– Understanding Latent Semantic Indexing and SEO
– What LSI is
– How LSI works
– Implications for on-page factors
– Implications for off-page factors
– Practical Steps for incoporating LSI considerations to enhance your marketing strategies
– Proof of benefits from these enhanced strategies
– Untying Internet Marketing’s Gordian Knot: CSS and SEO
– Optimization in Four Dimensions – leveraging user interaction to increase relevancy and vice versa
– How to Keep CSS Spider parsers happy
– What You MUST know about Link Reputation And Themes for The Future
– How to Gain 100 Quality Links from Top Sites in Just 24 Hours – all white hat
– How not to get fleeced with high cost PPC
– Plus much more

Special Guests will include Michael Campbell, search engine guru and CEO of Dynamic Media Corp. Michael is author of “Nothing but Net,” “Clickin it Rich,” and “Revenge of the Mininet.”

Presentations by three top presenters will include:
Michael Marshall – creator of the SEO tool “Theme Master” and author of “Checkmating the Search Engines”
Ginette Degner – SEO Researcher, Industry Writer and strategist
Jerry West – SEO Strategist and Marketing Director for Web Marketing Now & Project 5150
For further details of the Ultra Advanced Symposium and a list of advanced topics, visit:
Date of Two-Day Event: Nov. 15 and 16
Location: The Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel
Time: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


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