BrightAds, Kanoodle’s

BrightAds, Kanoodle’s sponsored links product for search engines and content sites, generates maximum revenue with unsurpassed relevancy.

The BrightAds Difference:

  • BrightAds is the only sponsored links provider that maps ads by “topics” and “segments”, not keywords. This ensures highest editorial relevance, which means more clicks and more revenue. Content sites are not search sites, so your site requires a different solution. Our topic-based approach means you never have ads that match keywords on your page but not the context of the page – i.e. “Windows” the operating system vs. “windows” for your home.
  • Clearly Defined Revenue Share: You earn 50% of every click from an ad on your site. No questions. No uncertainty.
  • High Revenue-Per-Click (RPC): Kanoodle’s RPCs are highly competitive, with many topics monetizing at a rate significantly higher than our competitors.
  • The Human Element: Our team personally checks each advertiser placement to ensure that all ads are mapped appropriately. Only relevant ads are delivered to your site.
  • No Public Service or Charity Ads: All paid, all the time! Every ad that appears on your site is paid, guaranteeing that we are using the limited space on your site to its fullest potential.
  • PayPal: BrightAds offers easy payment via PayPal.
  • Simplicity: Simple signup, simple setup! Simply cut and paste code into your website and start earning money immediately. The code is dynamic, so there is no lag time.
  • Creative Control and Flexibility: View and select from a variety of ad sizes to fit your site’s needs.
  • Detailed Reporting: Including clicks by day, particular date range – revenue earned per day, month to date and since inception of account.

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