5 Kind of Content That Trigger Panda Penalty

Remember the times when the very mention of Panda update was enough to terrorize the hapless webmasters. People were clueless how to make their website panda proof and to make the matter worse, some webmasters started posting panda recovery tips that had nothing to do with the recovery or whatsoever.

All these contribute to confusion.  So, here in this article, we are trying to understand what really trigger a Panda penalty and hopefully, this will help us avoid those tactics and eventually, it will help us avoid the penalty in future –

Here are the 5 dreadful ingredients of a Panda penalty –

Pathetic Content

So, if you want your website to be hit by Panda update, the first thing you will have to do is to avoid posting high quality content on your website. You need to hire someone who writes 500 words for 1$ of less than that. Also make sure that the guy whom you have hired does not have much authority on English language. A gibberish write-up is what you actually want to make your website a prey of Panda.

Here are some types of content that might help you invite Panda penalty –

1# Automated Content

This one deserves special mention. Sometime, you just have don’t time to write hundreds of pages and you don’t have that much budget to hire someone with exceptional copywriting skills. In that case, you will have to copy content from external source and then paste it on some automated content writing software and it will generate ‘unique’ content. Of course, the content that will generated by this automated application is for the search engine bot.

2# Thin Content

When you write content just for the sake of writing is known as ‘Thin content’. Thin Content does not mean that it has loads of grammatical content or is gibberish. Nope, ‘Thin Content’ means the content does have any substance. These are filler content that are written primary to fill out pages. They are definitely not informative content; they are written only to fill out blank pages and feed the search engine bots.

3# Duplicate Content

Oh boy! This is the worst thing or the best thing that you want to include on your website. All you have to do is to copy somebody else’s content and paste it on your website caring little for the Copyright act. Panda feeds on duplicate content. If you have duplicate content from external websites, you can be certain that Panda is going to hit your website for sure.

4# Aggregated

Are you too lazy to copy content from other websites manually? Well, there is a solution. You can aggregate content from external websites. There are hundreds of news and price comparison websites that aggregate content from external sources and a majority of them have got by Panda update. So, if you want to make your website hit by Panda update, you need to start aggregating content from external sources.

5# Irrelevant Content

Say if you have a bog IT industry, you should be updating it with medical, political or any other irrelevant posts as this will make your website more vulnerable to Panda update. Sometimes, people write something that does not always justify the title. Say for example if you have created a page name – Mars Landing, people expect to read something about the probes landing on Martian surface. But rather what they discover is a piece of article about Mars; the kind of article available on thousands of other websites.

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