What is SEO and what is all the fuss about you may be asking yourself?

What is SEO and what is all the fuss about you may be asking yourself?


You have probably arrived at this page because you have heard that search engine optimization is an excellent way to increase your online sales. You have already made a great investment in a website and the plain fact is that without SEO this great investment may have been a waste of time. There is no point in having a great site selling great products if there is no one there to buy.

I’m sure you at this point you’re asking yourself the question “How can SEO benefit my business?

Well, more and more business is being sourced and conducted online. The majority of this is found via search engines and it is important that your business is found on all of these by your customers. There is not much point in being on page 20 of a Google listing for your field of business as not many people browsing search engines will look that far. Most will only look as far as the first 5 pages.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO comes in. The goal of SEO is to get your business listed as high on search engines as possible and therefore drive more clients to your website and in turn, increase your business.

SEO works by using keywords, meta tags, the correct use of images, actual site content, linking to other sites and social networking. All these facets of SEO will help to get your website higher in search engine listings. You are given a monthly report so you can track the position of your site on all the popular search engines.

SEO can be either worked in house with an expert staff or it can be outsourced to an SEO outsourcing agency in the UK, both options have their own benefits and limitations.


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