Why Does Your Business Blog Need A Boost?

With so many social media networks flourishing, blogging may seem a little outdated to some companies – why bother spending time writing a 200 – 300 word post when you could just Tweet a new product announcement or comment on a story via your Facebook page? However, blogging is still a fantastic way to interact with customers in an informal and ongoing way. Posting blogs allows you and your readers to share opinions on products and services, as well as present a more personable side of your company.

But what if you feel interested may be waning amongst your readership? What can you do to improve your blog?

Reconsider your Design

This is a fairly obvious point, but it can easily be overlooked. People will notice if your blog page has a sloppy design or lazy writing – remember, this may be the first time a potential customer encounters your products or services, so it pays to make a good impression. If you lack the technical know-how to put together an attractive, well-structured design, consulting with professional web developers and programmers may be the best idea.

Mix it up

It’s important to vary the content of your posts. If you highlight one aspect of your service today, don’t just repeat yourself tomorrow. Why not write a post presenting your company’s viewpoint on a piece of news which could, in some way, affect your business or target demographic? It may show you have more to say other than endlessly droning on about your own services or products. For example, if you sell sports clothing or equipment, regular posts throughout the Olympics – commenting on the latest developments and encouraging debate – could attract a wider readership, particularly if you choose your keywords wisely.

Use Social Media

Once you’ve written a business blog, why not link to it from your Facebook and/or Twitter page? That way, followers will be able to click straight through to it, and – seeing as they’re already using their social media network of choice – share it with friends more easily. Optimising your site for mobile devices (smartphones, iPads) also ensures people can read it in its proper form whilst away from their computer – if they stumble across your blog whilst browsing the web during their commute to work, something on your mobile-optimised site could help you snag their interest and transform them into a customer.

Of course, none of this will be as effective if your writing skills are weak (and there are many business blog out there written by people without a strong knack for it) then consider hiring professional copywriters to create – or at least proofread and edit – your blogs for you. People are much more likely to read a post in its entirety if it’s well-written – many of us know what it’s like to leave a page within a few seconds because it’s incomprehensible. Put time and effort into your blog, and you may be pleasantly surprised. 

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