How Simple Display Stands Could Improve Your Marketing Potential and Save You Money on Printing at the Same Time

In-house marketing is one of the best ways to promote special offers and upcoming events to your customers, and even simply to up-sell the products or services that will equate to the highest profit margins for your business. However, more often than not, such printed information will quickly get tatty, damaged or removed altogether, decreasing the potential effects such marketing could have and in turn making such promotion seem more hassle than it’s worth.






There are many simple ways to improve your marketing potential, whilst also saving a great deal of money in the process.


Putting flyers into dedicated display stands will not only help to keep your marketing information in the best possible condition, but it will at the same time ensure that people are far more likely to look at them. Flyers left on tables, for instance, will get damp, crumpled and lost in no time at all, and will simply not be appealing for individuals to pick up. However, simply putting the same flyers into plastic stands will make them seem more professional and at the same time more appealing.

When flyers or leaflets are left lying around on a table, they will rarely draw the eye. However, the exact same designs will be far more interesting when placed in a stand, more likely to catch people’s attention and simply offering an item that demands to be picked up.

However, even here, less will be more. Too many pieces of information all put in the same place will seem far too much effort to look at. Utilising one double sided flyer in an A5 display case on each table will, on the other hand, showcase what you feel are your most important events, products, services or offers and in turn give individuals a very specific item to focus their attention on. If you have many different things you wish to promote, consider having different displays on different tables or changing your displays based on the clientele at given tables or given times.


Display boards can be equally as effective, allowing posters, menus or other important information to be displayed neatly in a professional and eye catching way. Again, it is very easy for damage to occur to even the highest quality printed materials unless they are housed securely, and even the best designs and the highest quality printing will not be appealing to customers if such items have been damaged in any way.

Not only will both display boards and display stands be cost-effective to buy, but they are also likely to offer a great return on investment, allowing businesses to reduce their printing costs by ensuring they do not have to produce excessive numbers of flyers or posters to remedy the fact that the majority will be lost or damaged. Such boards and stands can even simply display social media information along with incentives to join, allowing those sat in your premises to join mailing lists or online groups there and then, boosting your potential marketing reach even further, and increasing that reach from in-house to out at the very same time.

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