Should You Hire, Outsource Or Find Freelance Services For Search Engine Optimization

Investing in SEO is important for your future online presence so that you can reach a wide audience with ease. However, the main question most business owners ask is whether they should hire an in-house SEO expert, outsource an SEO agency or use affordable freelance services through platforms.

You probably know that SEO is a long-term process that requires you to be consistent when it comes to following rules, and regulations, updating content and staying ahead of your competitors.

Therefore, you can consider three different approaches: you can build your team, hire an outsource agency or find a freelancer. All considerations depend on various factors and have their advantages and disadvantages.

You should have in mind that for online marketing purposes, you will not be able to find the right answer but choose one that works for you better when you have in mind budget requirements and long-term plans as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Building In-House SEO Team


  • You will have additional control when it comes to optimization strategies and programs that your company is going to use.
  • You will also gain in targeting your audience.
  • It can be a more affordable solution than outsourcing a big agency
  • You will be able to measure real-time analysis and create objectives that you wish to implement without waiting for a third-party agency to help you
  • You will gain additional flexibility so that you can apply and change strategies along the way.


  • HR costs will be expensive because you will need a large team
  • It is also time-consuming to create an appropriate group for your particular requirements

If you wish to start small, the best thing that you can do is to develop an in-house team that will help you optimize your websites and increase your online presence overall. For instance, if you find two SEO professionals, keeping them in the house will save you more money in the long run.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Agency


  • It is a more affordable solution if you wish to find a big team for your marketing requirements
  • An SEO company that works by itself will be more objective when it comes to making strategies that will help you boost your business revenues
  • In general, they will have more knowledge of current SEO strategies and trends that you can implement
  • They also feature content producers, project managers, and link builders, so you will be able to use a wide array of services from professionals


  • You will have less control over strategies that you wish to implement
  • It could be challenging to find an appropriate SEO agency that will meet your needs
  • You will have less time to communicate, which will also reduce the flexibility for you to change the strategy in real-time

Overall, finding an agency that you would outsource will save you lots of time and money that you would rather spend on training and recruiting as well as other HR factors. If you wish to hire a big team, this is a more affordable choice.

However, you will have less control over a team, which means that it will take time to create a strategic pivot, which could be problematic for some business owners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance SEO Expert


  • The cheaper solution when compared with these two methods that we’ve mentioned above
  • Since they work on fewer projects than SEO agencies, they will have more time to work for you instead
  • You will have more flexibility and control than an outsourcing SEO agency
  • Some businesses will work better with freelancers due to budget restrictions


  • It is challenging to find an expert freelancer that will help you with SEO hard work because most of them only deal with consulting strategies, and you will need a team that will execute their ideas.

Sometimes you can find freelancers that have more knowledge and experience when compared with agencies, and they are also a cheaper solution, but you will not get the all-in-one package and ability to handle the entire team as well.

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Therefore, you should choose based on your capabilities, budget capacities and what you wish to achieve through optimization strategy.

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