How Content Strategy Plays A Crucial Role In Digital Marketing?

No matter how big or small a business is, nowadays, you can easily find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms marketing their products and services. Businesses have started going digital. They keep their fans updated with their services and offers through regular posts and feeds. But is enough to be ahead in the game. Will it give your brand the desired visibility and value? Certainly not! Today’s digital marketing scenario has completely changed and so its approaches. What a business today needs in order to stay ahead in the competition is a Content Strategy.

As a great marketer has said, “Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff “, the importance of compiling content is on the rise.

But what is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy can be defined as the one that creates plans, executes and delivers the right communication to the right target group at the right time. The strategy also manages the content in such a way that it remains relevant even while the market demand and trends continue to evolve.

The core purpose of formulating an effective content strategy should always be to target the attention of business’s customers by delivering content that is engaging, reliable as well as meaningful.  A content strategy greatly varies from business to business, brands to brands and products to products. Since there are no set rules and criteria for designing a content strategy, each digital marketing firm has its own way of creating one.

What should one keep in mind while creating a content strategy?

While putting a content strategy in place, a brand should always keep themselves in the shoes of a customer and pinout his needs and wants. Formulating an ideal content strategy entails finding the requirements of customers and identifying the best possible way to address it.                     

The Myth

Some if not all small businesses think that a content strategy is only for big brands and companies who have massive budgets for digital marketing. But this all a myth and not a truth. Content strategy does require a considerable amount of time and exertion at the start but making a plan for your business’s goals can be possible with available resources.

If we look into the stats, sites with and without content strategies have the conversion rate of 2.9% and 0.5% respectively. It clearly indicates that a site can generate a higher conversion rate if a proper content marketing strategy is put to use.

Here we have a few reasons why you must say ‘yes’ to content strategy.

Engaging customers is no more a cakewalk

With customer behavior and expectations changing constantly, it is a big challenge for brands to keep them engaged and entertained. According to a study, the attention span of customers today has come down to only 8 seconds as compared to 12 seconds previously.

A Digital marketing services company can help your business engage your potential customer and convert them into sales within no time through an effective content strategy.

Customers of today are more vocal and social

Millennial form a huge portion of today’s customers. Unlike their counterpart, they are more vocal about their preferences, experiences and like to socialize over social media. Rather consuming content in silence, they rely on people’s reviews, personalized experiences. What a brand needs in today’s dynamic social world are a content strategy that carefully identifies factors that defines customer experiences.

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