Seo Writers Vs Content Providers

seo-content-writing-servicesA lot of people consider that the SEO writers and the SEO content providers are the same things. But actually they are quite different while considering the purposes of them. It is true that both the SEO writer and the content provider work for the client but their orientations are completely different. The SEO writers are article writers for the blog or for your web site for various purposes such as creating back links to the web site or for informative purposes. The SEO content provider works from the angle of ranking the web site in the search engines. So the SEO content providers have to work with a holistic approach covering all the aspects of the search engine optimization processes with the avowed aim of getting a high ranking to the web site of his client.

Nowadays many Conferences are also organized by the SEO agencies in order to educate the clients regarding the various aspects of the SEO. In these Conferences all the clients along with other interested persons are called to have a wide exchange of views and information. This is a good forum for clearing many wrong notions of the clients regarding the functioning of the SEO. They also get an opportunity to hear from the experts in the arena of the SEO technology who give an unbiased opinion about many disputable matters between the clients and the SEO personnel. Recently some sites in the internet are advertising for a Conference which is being organized by the black hat SEO at Las Vegas in US in the year 2014. But arranging such Conference solely by the black hat SEO practitioners is an open challenge to the search engines who have declared such practices as illegal and subject to punitive actions. But the organizers claim that their innovative modern technology of black hat practices is beyond the capacity of the search engine software to identify.

Writing SEO articles

The SEO writers’ job is to write informative article for the blogs such as ezine article etc. using keywords. They should know the pattern of distributing the keywords in the article and also the optimum number of keywords which should be used in the article. They are not bothered about the other aspects of the search engine optimization of the web sites. That is not their responsibility. These blogs are used by the web sites as a back links to the web sites. The interested readers get attracted to the article due to its writing ability which should be informative, smooth in reading, humorous and unbiased. Many times experts in a particular field write scholar article which are published in the blog to educate the people and are much liked by the readers as these articles have no hidden intentions.

SEO content providers

The content providers on the other hand is a part of the contract obligation with the SEO company which the clients enter in order to get a high ranking of their web sites in the search engines. So the SEO content provider has to write article for the web site but they have to make many other provisions such as enriching the article or the web content with specific number of correct keywords, maintain the word limit by using online character count calculator, giving the sufficient number of authentic back links to the site, providing front links, creating presence in the social media, creating pay links, creating press release, creating directories and reviews etc. So it is found that the job is much expanded compared to the SEO content writers. The Conference is the right place for the clients to discuss and know new things regarding the functioning of the SEO.

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