Which Blogging Platform is Good for SEO

Recently we got an video form Matt Cutt on question which blogging Platform is good for SEO Blogger or WordPress. Matt Cutt replied the question that both works good. For SEO purpose the important is content.
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Transcript in English of this video

Today’s question comes from vicki twenty eight ten vicki asks abuse blogger for three years but now everyone told me that were pressed his superior for asio after scouring many sites have been unable to find the s_e_o_ advantages to using blogger great question comparing contrasting um…

you know i work for company that provides blogger of my personal blog i use word press i i can see the advantages on both sides on one hand blogger is very simple to get started it’s very easy and it’s in the cloud you don’t need to download and install any software yourself for better or for worse if you install software yourself you’re usually not patching it so it’s easier to get so if you just wanna do casual guest blogging if you just try to help bloggers fantastic

uh… work rest has a lot of flexibility you can customize everything in particular you can say i want my post to be having this pacific you were on you can choose those words at least back in the day with blogger when you wrote your post.

whatever your vote would determine what the euro would be and you didn’t have the ability to individually controlled so they both have pros and cons both can work very well in terms of renting well in terms of for search engines if you get that links and if you have great content it’s absolutely. The case that you can write well on both blogger and on wordpress blogger is probably a little somebody start out and it’s good in the fact that since it’s in the crowd you know you know we’re going to impact were craps is maybe a little more effort because you can configure it yourself but ultimately gives you more flexibility and maybe a little bit more power so there’s a lot of good present constant whichever one you feel most comfortable with i would give it a try and if one has a better user experience where you just feel like one meshes with the way that you like to write a little bit better that’s the one that go with and then eventually over time you can always i think both have ways we can import and export your prose so it’s not like you necessarily locked in for her on but deftly try them both out because both can work very well in terms of this.

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