Biggest surprise of 2012 for Google Spam Team

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Today we have a great question from Daniel Roofer, who asks, what has been the biggest surprise of 2012 for you and your spam team?

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1:36about buying is to spam forum software.
1:39You think those guys don’t know how to make sock puppet
1:41accounts that say, yeah this is great.
1:43Has anybody else used it?
1:44I love it.
1:45It’s like, just be a little skeptical, right?
1:49And the craziest parts are the people who are like, well the
1:52last set of domains that I contributed into the kitty,
1:55they got burned to the ground.
1:56But this time the guy says it’s completely
1:59undetectable by Google.
2:00And he realizes how Google caught him.
2:02And this time he’s totally changed everything.
2:04And there’s no way Google can catch him.
2:06That guy doesn’t know how Google caught his domain.
2:08He has no idea the different techniques or
2:10tools that we’re using.
2:11He’s taking his best guess.
2:13And so the fact that people not only lose money, or lose
2:15domains, but then they’re like, oh OK,
2:17this time for real.
2:19Let’s go chip in again.
2:20At some point, especially if you’re on some random web
2:23forum, or black hat forum, or wherever, and somebody’s like,
2:27I have a foolproof way to make money.
2:29Just give me your money.
2:32That’s when you should be a little bit skeptical.
2:33So that continues to be a surprise to me.
2:36It’s at the point where if people just decided–
2:38and we’ve seen this, where a few people on Twitter will
2:40say, if you look at the money involved, it’s cheaper and
2:45easier and more sustainable over time to go white hat.
2:48And to keep changing the algorithm, and trying to put
2:50in the money such that you can fly under the radar.
2:53And I think if that’s not true now, that equation is
2:57absolutely going to keep moving in the direction
2:59towards things that are more sustainable.
3:01Rather than churn burn domains, and churn and burn
3:04So it’s a surprise to me that people will continue to read
3:08these things long testimonials where it’s like, postscript,
3:12post postscript, post post postscript, and they’re 40
3:15pages long.
3:16And by the end it you’re like, well of course I’m going to
3:18give this guy money.
3:19Just think twice whenever you’re presented with
3:21an offer like that.
3:22Because sometimes when something looks too good to be
3:24true, it is too good.

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