2.0 Launches at MacWorld

Buy and Manage Your .tel Name From Your iPhone or iPod Touch Telnic (, the organization behind the award-winning .tel names, today announced at MacWorld San Francisco that 2.0, the management app for .tel names, is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A .tel name is the only domain that can be set up and run entirely from an iPhone or iPod Touch. It acts as a single point of contact accessible from any internet-connected device, and the data remains under the control and ownership of the .tel name owner.

New features include:

-A completely new navigation interface
-Support for multiple accounts with multiple domains each
-Support for all the latest .tel features (editing the domain title,
long labels, etc)
-Intuitive profile handling
-Fully rewritten keywords management with editing
-Support for new custom records and keywords
-A new mapping interface
-Significantly improved speed and less network data
-Link to purchase a .tel name on the iPhone (provided by third party app DomainApp)

“With 2.0, .tel name owners with iPhones can manage their contact information in real time, changing and displaying only the appropriate contact information that they want people to use at that time,” said Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist at Telnic. “With the popularity of location-based services, they can also set their location and their status so that friends and colleagues can easily see where they are, either from a browser or using the Superbook iPhone app, without having to subscribe to any other services.”

Superbook, which like is open source and free to download, also provides the ability for iPhone owners to look up .tel names and, with one click, call, email or save all of the current information to new or existing contacts. They can also see the locations of contacts on a map or view how far away they are from them, as well as which time zone they are in, thus avoiding calls at inappropriate times.

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