Google Testing a Permanent Search Side Bar

According to Google’s clamp boss of poke product and user knowledge Marissa Meyer, Google is seeking to streamline a poke experience. Using a jazz metaphor, Meyer explains which business aren’t happy with a actuality which Google’s poke interface is as well indeterminate (much identical to jazz, generally if we aren’t in to it) during times. To redress this, Google is contrast an overhauled interface for a categorical product, Google Search. The brand new interface, that’ll shortly turn accessible to a tiny apportionment of users, will enclose a sidebar upon a left side, rather identical to a a single we get when we clicked upon “Show options” after conducting a search, though distant some-more polished

However, as the number of Google’s various services grows and its search results start to vary more and more based on factors such as your geolocation, we like Google’s idea of adding some order and discipline into its search experience.

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