Inside Google Enterprise

In the first part of my interview with Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise, we discussed the general parameters of a Google Office suite. In this part of the interview, Girouard talks about Google search and strategic directions for products directed at business customers. For Google, search is the dominant gene, and like others purusing the Holy Grail of search, the lofty goal is to create a search engine that brings back one result, precisely what the user needed.

Google is having some success with enterprise search, with more than 4,000 active customers and about 5,000 to 6,000 appliances installed, according to Girouard. Revenues in 2005 were on the order of 1 percent of Google’s $6,138,560 take, he said. My goal is to keep us growing at the same pace as the greater Google. I worry little about our percent of revenue. I want to make sure have lots of customers. Prices range from $2,000 to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the configuration. …. More…….

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