Google AdSense Testing Advertise Here Link on Sites

Google AdSense is marketing its site targeting service by testing an “Advertise on this site” link in its AdSense contextually targeted advertisements.Darren Rowse of picked this up after seeing the Google AdSense test on Tim Carter’s Ask the Builder website. Once a user clicks through on the link in the ad, they are taken to a nifty AdWords generated site profile page with basic information on the Ask the Builder site and Google suggests to the reader to join or use AdWords to purchase advertising targeting the website.
This is a rather interesting method of marketing the Google Site Targeting option and one that is reminiscent of the BlogAds “Advertise Here” option where advertisers can purchase an advertisement in a site’s BlogAds strip without needing to go through the hassle of negotiations and paperwork with the site publisher. For more on this visit here.