Google has revealed plans for a WiFi network.

The future of Google’s newly revealed WiFi network has become the topic du jour. This is partly due to the tech industry’s awe-struck fascination with and high expectations of the company, but also because building a WiFi network of its own could be a shrewd business move that would, at the very least, serve as an insurance policy on Google’s core advertising business, which may not boom forever.So far, Google has set up two free beta hotspots for WiFi users near its Mountain View, California headquarters. Supposedly, only at these locations can users currently download Google’s new security software, which encrypts network traffic and routes it through Google VPN gateways.
One possible long-term opportunity that Google-watchers are speculating about is mobile telephony. WiFi networks could become even more valuable with the advent of dual-mode mobile phones, which have both cellular and WiFi network capabilities. Dual-mode phones resolve spotty coverage problems and the need to blanket an area with large base stations by transparently switching between both types of networks. For more visit here.