Google offers news updates via RSS feeds

Consumers will now be able to receive updates from Google’s News service over the Web, via RSS or Atom feeds.The search engine previously emailed subscribers throughout the day with news updates, but added the new feature to allow users to receive all of their news updates from multiple sources in one location.
“Google will provide a regularly updated summary of Web news content from thousands of news sources via the RSS feed, along with links to the full story or photo content,” a spokeswoman for Google said.
Users can subscribe to Google’s News feeds by opting to receive section news, such as business-related stories, setting up feeds on a personalised home page or setting up a feed for any search they do on Google’s News pages.
The service will also be available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India, but only for English language news pages.
There are currently no plans to provide news feeds for Google News pages in other languages, despite the fact that Google News is available in nine languages. and business publisher VNU began offering readers RSS feeds in spring this year.

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