Google Counter sues Microsoft

Last week Microsoft filed suit against Google over their hiring of Kai-Fu lee a former Vice President at Microsoft.Microsoft is asking a Judge to force both Kai-Fu Lee and Google to honor a contract that was signed by Lee when he was first employed by Microsoft. The contract prohibits Lee from discussing any of Microsoft’s business plans with its competitors.
On Thursday Google asked a Judge to invalidate Microsoft’s lawsuit claiming that the agreement signed by Lee when first employed with Microsoft was unlawful and overreaching.
A Google representative claims that Microsoft is trying to prevent Lee from joining Google and that is unlawful. Microsoft on the other hand has said they do not care who Lee works for as long as he honors the agreement.
Microsoft filed its suit in Washington State. Google filed theirs in California.
A legal expert has told us that in order for Google to invalidate Microsoft’s claim they would have to prove that Microsoft wants to prevent Lee from working with Google and not just keep him from revealing trade secrets.

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