Google to launch toolbar for Firefox

According to, Google will soon be launching an official Google toolbar for Firefox, probably on July 7.The toolbar will work with Firefox 1.0+ and will be compatible with Windows 2000 or XP, MacOS X 10.2, and Linux 8.0+.
It will basically have pretty the same features as the latest Google toolbar for Internet Explorer except for features that are included in Firefox, like the popup blocker.
The toolbar adds a special bar or menu to the browser window, giving users direct access to the Google search form and more.
Google’s toolbar has been especially popular among webmasters, as it gives surfers a simplified indicator of PageRank , PageRank being a measure of the “popularity” or “authority” of a web page.
The fact that Google is to present a toolbar for Firefox, is another indication of the growing importance of this browser. The Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer the only web browser of importance.

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