AFP sues Google over news site

Agence France Presse sue Google over Google News.What is convenient for someone is not exactly good news for others. We love news aggregation sites because they give us the flexibility to choose our own selection of news. In addition, we no longer require to visit 10 sites to get 10 different kind of news. This made Google News Beta a huge success as it collects information from thousands of sources on the web from all over the Internet and sorts them in a way that we get the best news on the front-page. It makes mistakes of course, but it seems to have inspired all the major competition in the form of MSN and Yahoo!
However, not everyone is happy with Google News Service. Agence France Presse has in fact sued the Search Engine Company claiming that their news services were using AFP’s photos, news headlines, and stories on its news site without permission. For more on this click here.

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