New Google Toolbar Stealing Traffic?

A CNet report suggests that some are not happy with the new AutoLink feature offered by the latest version of the Google Toolbar.When Web surfers install the toolbar in their Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser and click the AutoLink button… Book publishers’ ISBN numbers trigger links to, potentially luring shoppers away from competing book sellers such as
…some critics charge that AutoLink takes the liberty of modifying Web pages to direct people the way Google sees fit. Microsoft took the same approach with its Smart Tags feature years ago and eventually pulled it because of trust and trademark concerns
We’ll give it about a month before some company files suit against Google for stealing code or traffic. Not because they have an inherent right to, but just because they’ll know they have a good chance of winning (especially if filed in a French court). And can you imagine the uproar if Google starts linking AdWords advertisers with the AutoLink feature?

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